Sťahovanie Porto moving s.r.o.

Moving of heavy burdens

Our staff is trained in the handling of heavy items like pianos and safes and we are able to provide tail-lift vehicles to aid collection if required. We take care not only of safety of burdens. We protect whole area like stairs, floor, wooden frames, etc. against any damage.

Sťahovanie Porto moving s.r.o.

Heavy burdens are also:

  • pianos
  • safes
  • copiers
  • sculptures
  • billiard tables
  • pools
  • cash machines
  • various other machines

As our vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lifting elevator, we are able to transport every heavy burden within Slovakia and also around the Europe without any problems.

We can move and transport burdens over 1000 kg as well, using special hydraulic jacks, trolleys, cranes or other mechanisms. We will move all these burdens with maximum accent on safety.

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